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10 Podcasts You Needed to Add to Your Feed Yesterday

We're very upfront during an interview: this is a rock'n'roll office.

Most days we have music pumping through the studio, anything from Bruce Springsteen to Frank Ocean (and everything in between). But sometimes, you just want to settle in with your noise-canceling headphones and focus. We spoke with a few +HSHA employees about their go-to podcasts.

99% invisible podcast logo

We wouldn't be lovers of design if we didn't start with this podcast - it was the one podcast all of our contributors agreed on. 99% Invisible offers weekly insight into the objects, buildings, and technology that we might take for granted. "That's the beauty of this podcast," says Marketing Coordinator Megan Glasgow, "good design isn't always big and bold. This podcast shows how important 'invisible' design can be." We recommend listening to Episode 83: Heyoon or Episode 114: Ten Thousand Years.

ear hustle podcast logo

Since the boom of NPR's Serial podcast, it feels as if true-crime has dominated podcasts and documentaries lately, shining a light on criminals both real (Making a Murderer) and fictional (Orange is the New Black). "If you like Orange is the New Black, you might like this podcast," suggests Intern Architect Stephanie Snopek."It highlights the inside working of a real prison. I like that the stories and people are open about their lives." Season three begins in September, so binge-listen now.

about buildings + cities podcast logo

"This is one of my favorite architectural podcasts," says Intern Architect Jan Millan, "they examine different architectural concepts and themes new and old." You don't have to be an architect to enjoy the information (and sometimes laugh-out-loud ramblings) provided by hosts Luke Jones & George Gingell who bring in movies and literature as references to their topics. Available on iTunes and Spotify.

armchair expert podcast logo

Megan admits she didn't expect to enjoy a podcast from the guy who made CHIPS. "Dax Shepard is brutally honest, and he obviously puts in so much effort to research his guests," she explains, "he's someone you'd want on your trivia night team." You can't beat his guest list, either. Megan suggests starting with interviews with Ellen DeGeneres and David Sedaris.

wolf 359 podcast logo

This bi-monthly podcast harkens back to classic radio programs, a podcast Stephanie refers to as a radio drama/sitcom. "It's about a group of people living on a space station and all the interesting events that happen to them. I like that it has original music, the actors are hilarious, it's full of pop culture references, and no commercials!" You had us at no commercials. Listen here.

here's the thing podcast logo

Alec Baldwin - yes, that Alec Baldwin - sits down with actors, musicians, and politicians to discuss a range of topics in that soothing voice of his (which makes it one of Jan's favorites). His guests range from Kyle MacLachlan (of Twin Peaks fame) to Bernie Sanders.

the moth podcast logo

This podcast features live, true stories being told from all over the world - you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gasp. You'll wonder what your story would be. Megan suggests you just dive in and find your own favorite - "there's too many to choose!" - by clicking here.

sincerely x podcast logo

The producer TED explains it best, "some stories are too sensitive, painful or potentially damaging to share publicly -- unless they can be shared anonymously." If you like TED Talks, Stephanie thinks you'll also enjoy these more intimate stories. Listen here.

stuff you should know podcast logo

Want to know more about trickle-down economics? Skyscrapers? Willpower? Stuff You Should Know gives you insight on a wide range of topics, sure to make you a know-it-all in no time.

the rewatchables podcast logo

As much as we love music (and podcasts, obviously), the office also spends a lot of time discussing and endlessly quoting movies. Each episode focuses on one movie that you've likely seen, ranging from classics like Jaws to rom-coms like My Best Friend's Wedding. The hosts make the show, leaving you laughing and wanting to, well, rewatch the movie.

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