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Killearn Lakes Elementary School
New Construction & Site Improvements

+HSA was commissioned to design an addition to the existing Killearn Lakes Elementary School located in Tallahassee, Florida. The dominant feature of the building is the 24-foot diameter circular window that allows natural light into the art and music rooms. This window also allows the students to have expansive views of the exterior. 


The intention of the design was to create a classroom environment that was open, airy, bright, and as positive a place as possible for the students to learn and create in addition to being a signal to the surrounding neighborhoods that enjoyable activities were happening at the school. 


With the exposure of elements to the structure, the tiling of the organizing grid, and expressing components of the building not normally celebrated, it is hoped students will be encouraged to consider and observe what might be considered normal things around them in new ways. 


This project is the proud recipient of the 2015 AIA Florida People's Choice Award. 

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