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Theatre Tallahassee

Theatre Tallahassee has been an institution for generations.  As a result, the facility is a visual testament to small projects added on over time, resulting in a venue that has served them well but is now showing evidence of making do - working still - but with great inconvenience and compromise. Codes are no longer being met. Expectations of patrons are no longer met. Needs of the productions are no longer met. Storage requirements are no longer met. 


In almost every way, the facility desired a face-lift, referencing subtle things needing attention and more obvious things that need to be updated, cleaned, and made ADA and code compliant.


Elements of the scope of work are planned to be phased, with the first priority being the lobby/waiting areas. Subsequent phases include main entry, box office, and outdoor deck access as well as a second entrance to the smaller theatre venue elsewhere in the facility.


+HSA designed a complete renovation of the existing lobby of the Theatre Tallahassee facility.  Within the lobby, the design incorporated an illuminated galley bar with design elements that showcased the bar.  Placing the bar away from the main entrance freed up the remaining lobby space for pub style tables and allowed a direct connection to a small catering kitchen behind the bar to provide food service.  Other elements of this remodel included updating the restrooms, providing a janitor's closet, maintaining as much storage as possible. We also added design elements to the front of the building to modernize it and improve access and wayfinding.   



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