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Rickards High School

A Planning being  critical for the new construction and renovations of Rickards High School; +HSA has organized this project into phases.

Phase I

Includes the relocation and improvements of parking lots in addition to the demolition of Building 04. Designs have been created for new baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, track and field elements, concessions, and bleachers.


Phase II

Includes the construction of a new two-story building, holding at minimum 20 classrooms,


Phase III

Is comprised of utility work coordinating the new construction and future phases, with phases IV and V.


Phase IV 

Including a new classroom building, re-purposing of an existing shop building into a new arts building, renovation on interiors of another existing classroom building, construction of new support facilities, and,


Phase V

Completing the composition of the campus with a defined center focused space of a plaza for faculty and students.


Tallahassee Democrat article, May 2018

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