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An Architect's Love Song

Valentines Day: love or hate it, it's hard to ignore.

Every store has prepared for this day for weeks: you couldn't get far without a spray of red balloons, chocolate boxes, and stuffed animals accosting you. Even today, ESPECIALLY today, have you noticed those around you? Are some people in festive reds and pinks? Are some purposely in black? We all seem to have an opinion about the holiday.

But, commercialized love aside, there are plenty of mediums where love has reigned supreme. Whether it's art, literature, or music, we all have had something that has pulled at the heartstrings of even the tiniest of Grinch hearts.

As the resident office DJ, I asked everyone today, "what's your favorite love song?" The answers I received are as varied as the people that make up our company. But they each had an answer, without hesitation.

So without further ado, I present to you the HoyStarkHagan love mix. Happy Valentine's Day from us to you.

Stars, by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. "This song always reminds me of my mom."- Erika

Thank You, Led Zeppelin "This is how I feel about my wife." -Pat

Digital Love, Daft Punk. -Brian

Who Loves the Sun, The Velvet Underground "It's a reminder that sometimes we feel down for a particular reason and forget to love the things we have around us." -Jan

Hello, It's Me, Todd Rundgren - Monty

You & I (Nobody in the World), John Legend "My girlfriend is the one girl for me." - Joemeko

Wanted, Hunter Hayes "What's a love song without a country song?! This song was popular when my fiancé and I started dating. " - Miyuki

Mine, Third Eye Blind "I had a friend having a baby at the time I heard this song, so when I first heard the chorus it actually made me think of a parent/child relationship. Definitely changes the entire song if you think of it." - Stephanie

Your Hand in Mine, Explosions in the Sky "Okay, so maybe I cheated and picked an instrumental song. But I dare you to listen to this song and not feel all the feelings." - Megan

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