2017 Architect Gift Guide

The holidays are officially upon us: are you ready? Are we ever ready?

For many, Christmas shopping begins this week. Some may brave the stores, others will shop online from their couch (our office is a mix of both, but we ALL believe in the power of Amazon Prime). HoyStarkHagan employees participate in an office secret Santa every year and as someone who is not an architect, let me tell you: buying for one can be hard.

But after three years, I think I've got the hang of it. So I present to you the 2017 Architect Gift Guide

(for architects and non-architects alike).

Wooden Spectacle Holder, $22

There are many well-known bespectacled architects that the profession has become synonymous with wearing glasses. This is a functional and beautiful option for the four-eyed friend in your life.

Knock Knock To-Do Pad, $8

Architects love lists, and the company Knock Knock has a notepad for everything. Give them the joy of crossing things off with this handy pad.

Skyzonal Building Bricks Mug, $13

Do you know what else architects love? Coffee. And Legos. Lego Coffee! Two worlds perfectly combined in one fun gift.

Place for Trace, $76

How often do you hear "do we have any trace paper?" Just me? This simple, beautiful, functional paper and pen holder keeps a roll of trace in arm's reach at all times.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, $37 (on sale now for $22!)

If someone is looking for paper, they probably need a pen. Our office loves these Lamy Safari pens - we give each of our clients one in our signature yellow - and you will, too, once you see how fluid and smooth it is to write with one. Order by November 23rd and receive 40% off with promo code THANKS40. Available in multiple colors.

Mid Century Modern Collection Poster, $14-76

Test your knowledge of these iconic pieces of furniture from Eames to Le Corbusier. It would make a great conversation starter in any office or home.

Plume Wifi Pods, starting at $179

Expand your wifi's reach in your home with these wifi pods that plug in at any outlet. As a self-optimizing network, it adapts so that each room has a fast connection. And stylish, to boot!

Mod Laptop, $549

Okay, yes. I did include a five hundred dollar case. But just look how gorgeous and functional it is. It was too beauitful to not include.

We hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. Happy eating (and shopping)!

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