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Sometimes it’s hard to believe weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties were hosted before the dawn of Pinterest. Suddenly, you don’t feel pressure to hire a wedding planner – there are 18 Easy Ways to Plan a Wedding Under $10,000! What did we even drink at a Halloween party before finding the recipe for Wicked Witch’s Potion Punch?

Pinterest came onto the scene in 2012 as a website to store and collect images across the Internet. By “pinning” an image to a “board,” users are able to curate media found on blogs, websites, and personally uploaded photos. Part wishlist, part visual to-do list, Pinterest serves as an inspiration for just about anything, from weekly dinner menus to work out ideas. And it’s free.

But how does Pinterest fit in an architecture studio? For HoyStarkHagan, it’s a conversation tool.

Many of our clients already have a Pinterest account; because they are comfortable with the website, they tend to take the lead in collecting images they would like to later show and talk about with their architect. If this is their first experience with Pinterest, the website is user-friendly, and clients quickly catch on. The beauty of the site is that it’s simple and can also be accessed on a mobile device – in fact, 75 percent of their traffic comes from mobile devices. You can pin an image waiting in line at a grocery store, in bed, or on your lunch break.

These images are then shared with us – it’s an easy and quick way to get an idea of what a client wants in a space, what they want it to feel like, and what they are drawn to.

Of course, there can be drawbacks. Pinterest can be overwhelming – with over 30 billion pins, there are a lot of options. That’s where we come in – we, as architects, will guide the conversation and ask a client questions to better understand why they were drawn to particular images. Do you like the colors of the space, the size of the space? Do you like one specific element – the ceiling, the cabinet fixtures? How does it make you feel – does it look warm and comforting, does it look sleek and modern?

Because there is a difference between this image:​

and this image:

When a client is able to express their intentions behind their choices, we are able to make sure that what we are designing matches the feelings and ideas they are getting from their shared images.

Though Pinterest in limitless (and budgetless) when it comes to pinning whatever your heart desires, that doesn’t mean you are budgetless (if you are – we can certainly accommodate that). There is a danger in compiling images with marble walls and terrazzo floors – what we like and what we can afford can be two different things.

But that’s also the importance of the conversation – once we understand the spirit of the design, an architect can provide cost-effective solutions or alternatives. We like to say that the project is always your project, and it is. We are just the facilitators that work within the scope, time, and especially budget that you provide.

So go ahead and pin those gorgeous pins to your dream home board. When you’re ready to talk to an architect, we’re ready to make those dreams a reality.

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