A better place.

It was Thanksgiving weekend, and my daughter was happily playing in the Palm Beach Zoo splash pad – not something you’d expect for a fall holiday, but this was South Florida, after all. As I watched her and a few others weave in and out of the spouts, I took in my surroundings. I had been employed at an architecture firm for a couple of years by then, and I found myself doing that a lot – looking up, looking around. Working alongside architects every day made me see the world differently – the way an architect might.

So, the splash pad. It was in the mid-80s and yet I didn’t feel hot. I looked around and noticed the benches that circled the splash pad, all tucked underneath a canopy of palm trees. As a mom, I appreciated that no matter where you sat, you had a clear view of the splash pad (and, most importantly, your child). As someone who was slowly understanding the level of detail that goes into designing something like this, I knew it was no accident.

One of the principals at Hoy + Stark Architects, Pat Hoy, likes to say that architects make the world a better place. As I sat in the shade, nursing a six-month-old and watching my five-year-old play in the sun, I felt the gravity of his words. Every part of the project, from the shape of the area to the specific materials used, was thoughtfully designed with the end users in mind. It was, simply put, designed to make my experience better.

Welcome to the Hoy + Stark Architects blog – a place where each member of our studio will be able to have a platform to discuss trends in the industry, feature our projects, and examine our company culture. This blog is not just a look behind the curtain, but a tour of the ins and outs of not only what we do, but how we do it.

Whether you are a practicing architect or an end user, we welcome you to this site. We hope it sparks your creativity, challenges norms, and encourages you to see the world around you differently.

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